Microsoft showed off their next generation console today at a press conference. The new “Xbox One” looked pretty impressive with it’s new features like Skype and Smart Connect technology. The graphics comparison of Modern Warfare titles near the end is pretty incredible as well, making the new game look almost photo-realistic. The force feedback enabled triggers on the controller is another cool feature of the new console that I am looking forward to. It will make the games feel much more real if the controller is giving you feedback based on what is happening on screen.

The voice interaction of the Xbox One while watching television, and using it to change channels and control the unit looks really cool. Unfortunately these types of television integrated technologies relies on support from the cable companies, which has not yet been adopted here in Canada. Maybe this new console will bring that?

The part of the unveiling that leaves me wanting more info is certainly the NFL integration with Xbox Live. I am a big football fan and am exited to see what they can do to improve the game watching experience.

Watch the full unveiling video and post your comments!