Metta World Peace is probably the last guy who I would want to get into it with on the basketball court. He may be crazy, but he knows his stuff when it comes to a tough defender. After almost getting into it with Tyler Hansbrough on Monday night, World Peace paid him these compliments.

“He’s tough. I like him. I like that guy. That’s why I miss Matt Harpring when he retired. I have no one to bang with. I have nobody to go bull horn head-to-head. I love it. I miss Matt Harpring. Please come back. Now we got Tyler.


“I love guys like that. I need that physical action. The game has changed so much. Now we got all these Mr. Softees. You know Mr. Softee in New York? A lot of people are made from the ice cream cone. A lot of basketball players are made right from the Mr. Softee ice cream cone truck. I like Mr. Softee. I don’t like to play basketball with Mr. Softee. I just like Mr. Softee after a nice, hot summer day.”

Metta World Peace always knows how to put things so they are easy to understand. Am I right? Always a great interview.

The video footage of the near altercation between Hansbrough and World Peace is great, with Hansbrough ready to fire it up until he realizes that he is tied up with Metta World Peace.

via theScore.