This sort of thing blows my mind. How can people be so stupid and naive? Racism is clearly still very prevalent in our society and it’s a shame. It’s time we revisit all of the sports teams that perpetuate racist stereotypes, even if it is only due to ignorance. I don’t even really want to post the picture on my site, so if you are curious you can find it on the link below.

Sports are supposed to be a part of society that brings people together regardless of their skin colour, ethnicity or religion. Baseball was once ahead of the curve, but now, like most sports, it continues to embarrass itself with inappropriate team names and idiot fans supporting them. “Chief Wahoo” is your mascot name? Get your head out of your ass and join us in 2013 where we know better than to do this sort of thing. Show some class and respect for others.

Today in people are stupid: three Indians supporters, captured on Wednesday night’s broadcast by TBS, and screencapped by For The Win’s Ted Berg, thought it would be a great idea to show up to Progressive Field for the American League wild-card showdown wearing redface.

via theScore.