Lego has built an amazing 1:1 scale model of the X-Wing Fighter from the original Star Wars trilogy. It was made using over 5 millions Lego blocks and took 32 builders 4 months to construct. This thing is quite impressive. I grew up playing with Lego as a kid, but something of this scale is absolutely incredible! Follow the link below to see more pictures and details.

It reproduces the official $60 Lego 9493 X-Wing Fighter. But instead of being 560-pieces and a few inches long, this model uses more than five million pieces and it’s 11-feet tall and 43 feet long, with a 44-foot wingspan. Just like the real X-Wing—and 42 times the size of the commercial Lego set.

via This Incredible Full Scale Lego X-Wing Is the Largest Model In History.