Stevie Johnson of the Buffalo Bills is just a genuine dude. There’s no cameras or reporters in Walmart. This is not a publicity stunt. Not enough dudes like this in the league. Much respect.

My Twin daughters recently moved back home and took over some of the chores of the household to lighten the load for me. One of those chores was grocery shopping. While they were at Walmart in Hamburg, they got behind Stevie Johnson of the Buffalo Bills and did not know who he was.


He told them someone blessed him and now wanted to bless them. He paid for all of their groceries worth over $100! The cashier finally told them who he was and they were completely ecstatic!! So nice to see them giving back to the community I have always been a Bills fan but he just gained two new groupies !! THANK YOU STEVIE JOHNSON !!!


-Julie Anne Kuster

Bills WR Johnson pays for fans’ groceries | NFL | The Score.